Information Technology

Tranzxn provides technology solutions that improve business efficiency. Our extensive experience enables businesses to adopt strategic technology that works with your business processes and as a result brings efficiency in key performance areas. Our best solutions are also cost effective and delivered on time. Clients from various industries have trusted Tranzxn to provide IT consulting services to build better system that improves bottom line.
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System Integration

Our systems integration expertise helps you analyze implement and integrate proven, state-of-the-art technologies along with your existing technologies to achieve your specific business objectives. Our technology leadership includes experts from several diverse domain and technology information systems.

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Tranzxn provides the right tools, methodologies, and templates for your enterprise needs combined with top class knowledge and experience.

Independent Validation & Verification

Tranzxn’s approach to independent verification and validation (IV&V) is independent of underlying application development efforts, yet attains operational benefits through tight integration into all phases of the life cycle, including continuous process improvement initiatives. Our approach runs in parallel with the systems development life cycle, enabling early detection of anomalies and corrections with minimal changes and at the lowest possible cost. IV&V is a key element in prudent development and integration processes. It is a valuable tool for revalidating results and ensuring due diligence and is a rigorous, disciplined process encompassing far more than formal testing or traditional quality assurance.
Tranzxn offers a proven methodology for conducting IV&V that helps ensure systems deliver desired business benefits within budget and on schedule. We ensure the refinement of existing application while pursuing the development and implementation of new software and complex business applications. Our process is an integration of key elements: testing and assessment, requirements engineering, configuration management, and quality assurance and metrics. The integration of these elements is the foundation of a process that monitors the system development life cycle from inception to full operation and ensures that business applications are ready for deployment.
We have certified architects and analysts with expert knowledge and experience in selecting, implementing, and using a wide range of automated tools that bring added value to our IV&V approach. We have theĀ  demonstrated capabilities with the following tools: