SAS Solution

Base SAS, SAS Macro, SAS/Share, SAS/Access, SAS/Connect, SAS/STAT, SAS/ETS, SAS/GRAPH, Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, Forecast Server, JMP, ETL Studio, Web Report Studio

Tranzxn's SAS Solution specializes in different modules of SAS providing services in different verticals including, but not limited to, retail, insurance, financial services and banking, pharmaceuticals, federal, state, and local governments etc. Our SAS consultants are experienced in providing support in SAS implementation, SAS version migration, upgrades, application development, reporting and analytics support, modeling, and statistical analysis. Our SAS experts get support, when deemed necessary, from our data modelers, database architects, web technologies experts in Java and .Net, data consultants to deliver robust and customer friendly solutions. We are just not a regular technology consulting company – we provide solutions for your mission critical and day-to-day business problems.

We have deep expertise in:

  1. Data integration
  2. Data Preparation
  3. Data Warehouse Design and Building for modeling and reporting
  4. Statistical Modeling
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Performance Management
  7. Financial Analysis and Reporting