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Application Re-Engineering

Advancements in information technology can fundamentally change the nature of business operations, necessitating the enhancement or migration of legacy IT systems and applications to new environments capable of supporting evolving business needs, while preserving established rules and practices. Tranzxn has the tools and services to assist you at every step in the process of enhancing, upgrading, migrating, or porting your enterprise applications and information systems. Tranzxn offers deep technical skills, as well as our internally developed set of tools and methodology, to help guide you through the potentially complex and cumbersome process of re-engineering.

Key Benefits and features included in the service:

  1. Analysis of legacy applications, document the business rules, utilize the latest tools and development techniques to transform your legacy systems into modern applications.
  2. Extract business logic from legacy systems and convert them into business rules and processes.
  3. Rapidly and effectively re-engineer your legacy applications to contemporary platforms with optimized architecture
    We can help you:

  1. Migration analysis and migration strategy
  2. Migration of legacy applications to newer platforms like .NET, J2EE, UNIX and Linux.
  3. Language conversion
  4. Application consolidation
  5. User interface migration (GUI)
  6. Database migration
  7. Application Re-hosting

Tranzxn Inc

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