About Us

Tranzxn offers an exclusive array of information technology and analytics driven business solutions to enhance the performance of small to large businesses. With the support of a team of outstanding technical experts and backed by a proven methodology, we guarantee the delivery of best and timely solutions for most complicated Information Technology challenges.

What we believe

  1. Customer FIRST
  2. We are best prepared for solving business problems with the help of right combination of technology, process and people
  3. We provide reliable, cost effective and innovative Information Technology solutions that are consistent with our client’s strategic objective
  4. We build a long term relationship with our clients by providing consistent and quality services
  5. We achieve the best productivity by engaging our client as true partners
  6. We nurture our talent pool by providing rewarding career paths and best opportunities for self-development
Corporate Highlights

  1. Founded in 2005, Tranzxn provides complex Information Technology and business solutions to small to large commercial organizations.
  2. Developed an innovative work force optimization solutions for Commercial for Commercial Clients (2009)
  3. Developed an Health Care Analytics Solution for improving bottom line for small to medium Private Hospitals (2010)

  1. A seasoned executive team offering over 70 years of successful business experience
  2. A management team possessing necessary skills to handle complex technical, operational and financial challenges in running projects with Government agencies.
Tranzxn Inc

9426 Stewartown Road, Suite # 3B, Gaithersburg MD 20879
9250 Bendix Road, Suite # 120 Columbia, MD 21045
Email: info@tranzxn.com